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KO Websites and SEO Pro Build and SEO New Websites for Medical Device Manufacturer

With KO Websites Inc. web design and SEO Pro search engine optimization Zepto’s new medical device websites got results fast. In addition Zepto has been able to build and harness an online community of doctors who use their product and promote it to their colleagues helping to spread the word and increase brand awareness and ultimately product success.


  • Website traffic grew an average of 10% each month
  • Social media channel audiences show considerable growth within the target audience (a surprisingly active social media audience)
  • Over half of targeted keyword phrases are showing the new website on page 1 of search engine results within just a few months of site launch.
  • KO and SEO Pro were able to balance a high degree of compliance within regulatory frameworks requried by medical related websites as well as to offer sufficient of information to attract the target customer and motivate them to inquire about the product.

It is always an exciting challenge for the web development team at KO to strike that balance successfully. Our Zepto PCS site is an excellent example of how we can get that done!

Medical Website Design and SEO Services in the Bay Area